It's a bit strange, I feel like an old man and at the same time a young boy. But then, it's not that strange.

One thing though which should be remembered: There are people in every nation who just want to create drama and everywhere there will be about the same amount of drama, just in DRAMAtically different forms. So no use in judging a place based on its drama.


Life is amazingly universal. For example, around the age of 21 is when (according to grandmas) we start to develop our sense of judgement - the ability to finally understand the effects of that nasty fruit from the Gan Eden - the Garden of Eden. It is also the age when, in most people, their wisdom teeth begin to come in. For some there is not enough room and the teeth need to be pulled out. For others, the teeth come in quite nicely with no pain. Yet for others, the extra teeth will fit, but it's going to be a painful process. Acquiring wisdom - true wisdom - is also a painful process. This is because true wisdom does not discriminate. You won't always like true wisdom and sometimes it means finding out that you've been doing something the wrong way your entire life and it needs to stop. And just like you'd rather endure the pain instead of having your teeth removed, you know that you can't just lie to yourself saying, "This wisdom isn't true! I'm going to continue acting the way I want to." And maybe you take painkillers to numb the pain or even worse you are constantly pressing against the new tooth, thinking the pain will improve but it actually worsens. The fact of the matter is - not only are you wrong but you know you're wrong and things can only go on this wrong way for so long.

college gripes

Gripes? What kind of word is that?

If it isn't bad enough that we were forced to register the day before school begins, leaving only the reject classes left, they also only gave us an eight hour window to register. What did I do to deserve this? I'll be paying just as much as every other student will be paying there. Why are spring semester enrolees (if that is also a word) made to suffer like this?

Also stupid is that the web site refuses to show the account balance. What, is this some evil scheme to prevent people from paying their tuition by the deadline (also the first day of school, which does not make sense).

Yesterday I was thrilled about starting college. Today I feel the same way about college as I did about high school. Nothing but a bunch of fake promises and hyperboles about a great educational opportunity - the educational gem of the southwest. Yeah right, anything looks shiny when the sun shines hard enough on it.

First entry

It is strange being back here.  The last lj was one of personal ranting and teenage silliness, hopefully this one will be more engaging and of interest to others. But these things take time! Until then, everyone will just have to content themselves to this.

Most likely most of my posts will be public, but if you want to get to know me you should probably friend me to read anything juicy about my life.